Red Flag. Military Romance Techno Thriller

Military Romance Techno Thriller Rings True. Wars aren’t settled in one big battle. They have countless encounters involving military units, which in time make up a war. Many small actions make up a battle and a series of battles make up a war. Innocent civilians are greatly affected by any prolonged conflict. Many are displaced, wounded […]

Contemporary Romance Thriller – Vengeance

This contemporary romance thriller is book 4 of the Jay Gunner series. Vengeance offers twists and turns and dramatic action. Jay is injured in a terrorist attack that killed his girlfriend. When he recovers Jay has only one thing on his mind – Vengeance.  He enlists the help of two mercenaries and starts the search […]

De-Dollarization Accelerates As America’s Influence Declines

America’s privileged position since WW II with the dollar as the world’s reserve currency is coming to an end. Thanks to the Obama administration’s hubris and incompetence the dollar’s demise is accelerating. America’s friends and allies are tired of the bullying and ham fisted mishandling of foreign policy. De-Dollarization Accelerates As More Of Washington’s “Allies” […]

Obama Accepting Propaganda As Ukraine Truth?

Just as relations were improving the US government seems determined to create an enemy. The propaganda regarding Russia’s dealing with Ukraine has been relentless. While Putin is no angel, he is not the crazed power hungry take over the world monster pictured by Washington. He is a fierce Russian nationalist and will act in a […]

American Politicians Play a Dangerous Game

American politicians have a poor understanding of Russian history. The Neocons must be in complete control. Blaming Russia and Putin for everything seems to be the new Washington insiders beltway game. Arrogance and hubris overcome common sense. A new cold war could become hot with the smallest of errors or miscalculations. The following article sums […]

US Foreign Policy Towards Russia Revives Cold War

What could the Obama administration be thinking? The eastward expansion of NATO over the years alarmed Russian leaders, but cooperation between the US and Russia continued to grow. That is until the US and the EU tried to place the Ukraine firmly under western control. With Obama, the provocation of the Russians reached a new […]

SNB Central Bank Lesson. Never Ever Trust a Central Banker

Three years ago The Swiss National Bank stated that pegging the Swiss Franc to the Euro at 1.20 was a policy that was in place forever. Forever lasted until the cost of maintaining the peg became too great. Anne Van Praagh, managing director of Moody’s Investors Service, said by phone from New York on Jan. […]

Shale Oil Companies In Trouble as Oil Price Tanks

Still think shale oil will make America oil independent? Still believe the clap trap voiced by most politicians and mainstream media cheerleaders about how shale oil will save us? Perhaps it’s time to reexamine the shale oil industry and the cash requirements of drilling well after well. The main thing to understand about shale oil […]