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Vladimir Putin Documentary. Ominous Forecast of The Putin System

CBC’s “The Passionate Eye” presents The Putin System – a point-of-view documentary that presents an ominous view of what Putin is willing to do to make sure Russia regains its place on the world stage. Make no mistake. Putin is a strong,clever,tough leader who has many friends in the world.

America and other Western nations’ efforts to vilify and isolate Putin and Russia will not work. Western sanctions have largely backfired and hurt the West as much as Putin and Russia. Putin has become closer to China, Iran, Brazil, Turkey (a NATO member) and India. He is hardly isolated and enjoys a worldwide standing far above President Obama.

One of Putin’s long term goals is to replace the Petrodollar as the world’s reserve currency. The reserve status of the US Dollar gives Ameica a tremendous advantage in world trade. Putin plans to carry out trade in currencies other than the Dollar. Sanctions have pushed Putin to accelerate these efforts.

Russia recently announced a series of large deals that will bypass the dollar and be carried out in local currencies. The largest of the deals is a $400 Billion pipeline that will connect the world’s largest supplier of gas and oil (Russia) to the world’s largest consumer (China). It is doubtful if this deal would be made at this time without Western sanctions pushing up the timetable.

The Putin System chronicles the remarkable life of Putin, a tough, young leader who is not afraid to make harsh decisions and holds a not so secret purpose. He plans to restore the old Russia of his dreams to what he believes is its rightful place in the world. Putin has long understood nations that control the world’s supply of energy sources will dominate world affairs.  Control energy and you have power.

The Putin System is directed by Jean-Michel Carré in association with Jill Emery for the French production company Les Films Grain De Sable. It’s a video well worth watching.

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