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Vin Diesel Challenges Vladimir Putin to Cold Wars

Who has the most manly image, Vin Diesel or Vladimir Putin? Both men look like someone you don't want to mess around with. 
But when it comes to real power, I'd take Putin. Sorry Vin, but your bad ass stuff is made up in Hollywood. Vladimir's stuff is world class strongman scary. He has a herd of Russian bears as backup. And no one wants to rumble with that.Not even NATO.

Vin Diesel Challenges Vladimir Putin To The Coldest Of Cold Wars

By Alisha Grauso

If there’s one thing Vin Diesel does well, it’s completely owning the social media game. But if there’s another thing Vin does well, it’s being a total badass on screen.

at the "Riddick" Los Angeles Premiere, Village Theater, Westwood, CA 08-29-13

But he basically managed to combine his two superpowers and threw in a huge pair of brass balls for funsies, because Vin completed the Ice Bucket Challengeand publicly called out Russian President/Iron-Fisted Overlord Vladimir Putin to do the same.

One does not simply challenge Vladimir Putin to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, bro. Next thing you know, he’ll be pulling a Ukraine on us and rolling tanks up in this bitch.

That, or he’ll accept Vin’s challenge and do it while HALO jumping out of an Ilyushin and landing bare-chested on the back of a grizzly bear before riding it straight into an icy Siberian lake. Because Putin likes photo ops.

You have to admire the way he gets right to the point. No lead-in, no explanation, just all business. I also like that he didn’t mess around when it came to choosing his friends or people he found funny – nope, he went straight for three of the most influential people in the world. Putin, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Goodwill Ambassador/actress/director Angelina Jolie. There’s really no way to aim higher.

Considering the ALS Association is an American nonprofit organization, I highly doubt the cantankerous Russian President will be joining the cause any time soon. On the other hand, he might do it just to prove to Vin, he’s the more manly of the two manly men.

Vladimir Putin Prime Minister of Russia

I mean seriously, picture it. This, but grizzly bear: Read more:
Cold War Challenge


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