Red Flag. Military Romance Techno Thriller

Military Romance Techno Thriller Rings True.

Wars aren’t settled in one big battle. They have countless encounters involving military units, which in time make up a war. Many small actions make up a battle and a series of battles make up a war. Innocent civilians are greatly affected by any prolonged conflict. Many are displaced, wounded or killed. Houses, businesses, offices, and lives are destroyed. For the survivors, soldiers and civilians, life will never be the same.

What Would You Do If You Came Under Attack?

Red Flag is a military romance thriller that focuses on a young couple who find themselves in a war zone. Their relationship grows and is forged by the fires of war. They must overcome serious injuries, they become collateral damage in an air strike, and strive to stay alive in a war zone.

Red Flag is unique in that the story is told from various points of view. American, Chinese, and Taiwanese, all participants in the conflict, have a story to tell. The use of fearsome anti-ship ballistic missiles and cruise missiles has terrible consequences.Techno Thriller With Military Romance

As the war rages tales of conflict in techno thriller style, new weapons systems, political intrigue, and efforts to survive are balanced with a love story. What starts out as a causal romantic relationship deepens and becomes intense love.

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