Vladimir Putin Documentary. Ominous Forecast of The Putin System

CBC’s “The Passionate Eye” presents The Putin System – a point-of-view documentary that presents an ominous view of what Putin is willing to do to make sure Russia regains its place on the world stage. Make no mistake. Putin is a strong,clever,tough leader who has many friends in the world.

America and other Western nations’ efforts to vilify and isolate Putin and Russia will not work. Western sanctions have largely backfired and hurt the West as much as Putin and Russia. Putin has become closer to China, Iran, Brazil, Turkey (a NATO member) and India. He is hardly isolated and enjoys a worldwide standing far above President Obama.

One of Putin’s long term goals is to replace the Petrodollar as the world’s reserve currency. The reserve status of the US Dollar gives Ameica a tremendous advantage in world trade. Putin plans to carry out trade in currencies other than the Dollar. Sanctions have pushed Putin to accelerate these efforts.

Russia recently announced a series of large deals that will bypass the dollar and be carried out in local currencies. The largest of the deals is a $400 Billion pipeline that will connect the world’s largest supplier of gas and oil (Russia) to the world’s largest consumer (China). It is doubtful if this deal would be made at this time without Western sanctions pushing up the timetable.

The Putin System chronicles the remarkable life of Putin, a tough, young leader who is not afraid to make harsh decisions and holds a not so secret purpose. He plans to restore the old Russia of his dreams to what he believes is its rightful place in the world. Putin has long understood nations that control the world’s supply of energy sources will dominate world affairs.  Control energy and you have power.

The Putin System is directed by Jean-Michel Carré in association with Jill Emery for the French production company Les Films Grain De Sable. It’s a video well worth watching.

Henry Kissinger. Think He is Wiser Than Obama?

The West, lead by lightweight Obama, is making a huge mistake in picking a fight with Russia. Sanctions will hurt the West as much as Russia. Perhaps hurt the West even more if Russia decides to respond where it could really hurt.

For example, the US generates about 20% of its electricity with nuclear power plants. And where does most of the fuel come from that power those plants? You guessed it, from Russia. Russia, under Putin, is a major player on the world stage. The sooner the US recognizes that fact the better. A man like Putin will not be intimidated by sanctions.

The US needs to listen to Henry Kissinger. He knows the realpolitics game. Obama and team are dangerous amateurs.

Kissinger: Ukraine should forget about Crimea and NATO membership

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger spoke about global threats, the secession of Crimea and Ukraine’s NATO accession.


Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger. Photo by
David Shankbone

Mr. Kissinger said that there currently is an urgent need for a new world order, but its coming into being will be long and complicated. “There are no universally accepted rules,” said Mr. Kissinger in an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel. “There is the Chinese view, the Islamic view, the Western view and, to some extent, the Russian view. And they really are not always compatible.”

Speaking of Crimea’s accession to Russia, he noted that this is a special case, as Ukraine and Russia were one country for a long time. In his view, the West must recognize its mistakes. “Europe and America did not understand the impact of these events, starting with the negotiations about Ukraine’s economic relations with the European Union and culminating in the demonstrations in Kiev,” said Mr. Kissinger. “All these, and their impact, should have been the subject of a dialogue with Russia.”

He is sure that Ukraine has always had a special significance for Russia. Failure to understand this was fatal, and the Ukrainian authorities can forget about the Crimean peninsula. “Nobody in the West has offered a concrete program to restore Crimea,” said Mr. Kissinger. “Nobody is willing to fight over eastern Ukraine.” In his opinion, introducing anti-Russian sanctions was a mistake.

“We have to remember that Russia is an important part of the international system, and therefore useful in solving all sorts of other crises, for example in the agreement on nuclear proliferation with Iran or over Syria,” Mr. Kissinger said. “This has to have preference over a tactical escalation in a specific case.” He added that Ukraine should not hope to become a member of NATO in the foreseeable future, as the alliance will never vote unanimously for the accession of Ukraine.

Source: Strategic Culture