Japan Volcanos Enter Dangerous Active Period

Will Japan be destroyed by volcanic eruptions? What would happen around the world if the third largest economy in the world is put out of business due to the deaths of millions and a nation covered by volcanic ash? How would the world adjust to a devastated Japan?
Should massive eruptions occur, they could literally destroy the nation of 127,000,000 people and bring severe threats to the rest of the world. Japan is home to 57 nuclear power plants.

Think of the Fukushima disaster times 57. There would be world-wide consequences.Sound like a plot for a grade B movie? Unfortunately, the threat is real. A disaster may happen tomorrow or a hundred years from now. Scientists believe with the current level of activity, it is a matter of when, not if.

Japan | Magma Eruption Underway: Mt. Aso Volcano in Kyushu [biggest eruption in 22 years]

Mount Aso is the largest active volcano in Japan. It is among the five largest in the world. Mount Aso stands in the Aso Kuju National Park in Kumamoto Prefecture, on the island of Kyushu.

Japan Volanco Eruption
Japan Volcanco Eruption

The eruption is Aso’s first in 19 years and comes only two months after Mount Ontake in Nagano killed more than 60 hikers when it erupted without warning. Last month, experts warned that a disaster on Kyushu island, which has been struck by seven massive eruptions over the past 120,000 years, could see an area that is home to 7 million people buried by molten rock in only two hours. If several volcanos erupt at the same the nation would be covered with ash. Air travel would cease. Live would be difficult.

Should widespread eruptions occur, it would be the blackest of Black Swans one could imagine, with terrible worldwide consequences.