Billionaire Untamed Obsession Series Follows Genevieve

The Billionaire Untamed Obsession Series features a 24-year-old woman, Genevieve Mercier, as she transforms from a school girl virgin into a business woman facing difficult choices. Her career takes off thanks to mentoring and special treatment given by her new billionaire boss.

Billionaire Bargain
Billionaire Bargain

After graduating from Emory with an MBA, Genevieve accepts a challenging position with Hoffman Industries as an International Business Manager. She strongly believes Hoffman’s new product, BloodSave, will have a revolutionary effect on the medical profession. She’s sure new blood testing technology will lower testing costs and save many lives. For Genevieve the job is perfect. It offers the opportunity to help people while acquiring wealth.

Only after accepting the job did she find her new boss, Doctor Novak Hoffman, was a kinky sex maniac. She finds traveling with him exciting, but comes with demands and conditions. Will she fall for the outrageously handsome and sexy Doctor? Will she  find a way to curb his advances?

After traveling to Paris, Cannes, and Monaco it’s off to Asia to structure a joint venture with Chinese billionaires. This leads to even more severe complications. One of China’s richest men wants to travel with Genevieve and show her around China. Yikes! She finds out too late she’ll be sharing the same hotel suite with this gorgeous man.

Oh my. Genevieve is on the road to personal wealth, but at what cost? At times the series is spicy, at times romantic and sweet. Start at the beginning and see for yourself. Billionaire Bargain, the start of the series,  is only 0.99 cents at Amazon.