Billionaire Untamed Obsession Series Follows Genevieve

The Billionaire Untamed Obsession Series features a 24-year-old woman, Genevieve Mercier, as she transforms from a school girl virgin into a business woman facing difficult choices. Her career takes off thanks to mentoring and special treatment given by her new billionaire boss.

Billionaire Bargain
Billionaire Bargain

After graduating from Emory with an MBA, Genevieve accepts a challenging position with Hoffman Industries as an International Business Manager. She strongly believes Hoffman’s new product, BloodSave, will have a revolutionary effect on the medical profession. She’s sure new blood testing technology will lower testing costs and save many lives. For Genevieve the job is perfect. It offers the opportunity to help people while acquiring wealth.

Only after accepting the job did she find her new boss, Doctor Novak Hoffman, was a kinky sex maniac. She finds traveling with him exciting, but comes with demands and conditions. Will she fall for the outrageously handsome and sexy Doctor? Will she  find a way to curb his advances?

After traveling to Paris, Cannes, and Monaco it’s off to Asia to structure a joint venture with Chinese billionaires. This leads to even more severe complications. One of China’s richest men wants to travel with Genevieve and show her around China. Yikes! She finds out too late she’ll be sharing the same hotel suite with this gorgeous man.

Oh my. Genevieve is on the road to personal wealth, but at what cost? At times the series is spicy, at times romantic and sweet. Start at the beginning and see for yourself. Billionaire Bargain, the start of the series,  is only 0.99 cents at Amazon.   

Red Flag. Military Romance Techno Thriller

Military Romance Techno Thriller Rings True.

Wars aren’t settled in one big battle. They have countless encounters involving military units, which in time make up a war. Many small actions make up a battle and a series of battles make up a war. Innocent civilians are greatly affected by any prolonged conflict. Many are displaced, wounded or killed. Houses, businesses, offices, and lives are destroyed. For the survivors, soldiers and civilians, life will never be the same.

What Would You Do If You Came Under Attack?

Red Flag is a military romance thriller that focuses on a young couple who find themselves in a war zone. Their relationship grows and is forged by the fires of war. They must overcome serious injuries, they become collateral damage in an air strike, and strive to stay alive in a war zone.

Red Flag is unique in that the story is told from various points of view. American, Chinese, and Taiwanese, all participants in the conflict, have a story to tell. The use of fearsome anti-ship ballistic missiles and cruise missiles has terrible consequences.Techno Thriller With Military Romance

As the war rages tales of conflict in techno thriller style, new weapons systems, political intrigue, and efforts to survive are balanced with a love story. What starts out as a causal romantic relationship deepens and becomes intense love.

Red Flag is available at Amazon. Red Flag

Contemporary Romance Thriller – Vengeance

This contemporary romance thriller is book 4 of the Jay Gunner series.

Vengeance offers twists and turns and dramatic action.
Venge copy

Jay is injured in a terrorist attack that killed his girlfriend. When he recovers Jay has only one thing on his mind – Vengeance.  He enlists the help of two mercenaries and starts the search for the killer and his gang of cutthroats. They’re aware of the risks but push on. Their chase leads him to Hong Kong, Macau, London, Istanbul, and Syria.

Jay develops a friendship with his hired guns. Their interaction and frank discussions spice up the dialogue. They become a team determined to take revenge on the killer. Jay’s attraction for beautiful women in exotic locations adds to the spice.

The thrilling action at the end of the chase is surprising and brings the series to its climax. This contemporary romance thriller  is available for pre-order now and will be released on May 5th, 2015. See more at Amazon

Book Lovers Love This Website and Service

BookBub Helps Authors Sell Books.

BookBub has a lot of appeal to book lovers. That includes authors who are eager to promote their book using BookBub. Editors at Bookbub only accept 20% of books authors wish to promote.  Perhaps that’s why they have so many followers among rabid readers.

Book Lovers Are Totally Obsessed With This Website

March 9, 2014 by The Book Insider

Last year, Random House quietly gave away Dan Brown’s bestselling novel, The Da Vinci Code, for free for one week. Millions of readers were unaware of the week-long giveaway.
A select group of readers did take advantage of the promotion, though. They were using BookBub, a daily email that alerts readers to free and deeply discounted ebooks that are available for a limited time. BookBub notified nearly 1 million readers of the free Da Vinci Code deal last spring.


“It’s the Groupon of books,” Dominique Raccah, the publisher of Sourcebooks, told The New York Times about deal sites like BookBub. “For the consumer, it’s new, it’s interesting. It’s a deal and there isn’t much risk. And it works.”

Why did Random House give away a bestselling ebook that usually retails for $9.99? The company’s goal was to hook new readers on Brown’s thrillers and drum up interest in his new book, Inferno. The free ebook even included the prologue and first chapter of Inferno.

“It makes it almost irresistible,” Liz Perl, Simon & Schuster’s senior vice president explained to the The New York Times. “We’re lowering the bar for you to sample somebody new.”
Book lovers have now become practically obsessed with BookBub. In many cases, they’ve downloaded hundreds of books that publishers and authors have promoted on the site.

“I now have more books than I can read in a lifetime,” said Suzie Miller of Auburn, Wash. She said she has downloaded more than 350 free books using the service.

For readers, part of the appeal of BookBub is that it does not list every single free ebook on the market. Instead, BookBub’s expert editorial team selectively curates only the highest-quality ebooks to feature in their email and on their website.

In most cases, the deals can be purchased for any ereading device, including Kindle, iPad, Nook, and Android.
Readers can select which genres they would like to receive, so each email is matched to their preferences. BookBub features more than two dozen genres of books, including mystery, romance, literary, historical fiction, nonfiction and more.

With millions of readers using BookBub’s service, this type of promotional concept seems to be resonating with both publishers and readers alike. To find out more about the service, go to

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