Young Protester in Turkey

2015. Year of Worldwide Protest and Chaos?

Will 2015 bring even more protest and chaos? Will citizens around the world finally realize there will be consequences to the actions of their politicians and they won’t be pretty?

Young Protester in Turkey
Young Protester in Turkey

The first of the year always brings efforts to look ahead, to predict the future. Forecasters pretend they can look ahead accurately and governments and politicians pretend they can control events. We live in a world of lies and accept them as truth. The average citizen has no good way to filter the constant flow of information and to separate lies and spin from fact.

Governments have always lied to their citizens. With the Internet and TV, and the 24 hour news cycle, lying and spin have reached a whole new level. No one except a few well placed elite really knows what is truth and what is fiction. The stories the elite wish to present are largely reported by brought and paid for media outlets or don’t rock the boat reporters.

However, the technology works both ways. Due to advances in technology, citizens, especially younger ones, have begun to receive news outside of traditional news channels and to organize into groups protesting the actions of governments and politicians. With the rise of social media, like Facebook and Twitter, the elite is losing control. Many citizens no longer trust their governments.

Who can blame young citizens for being dissatisfied? The debt burden run up by those now in power is being passed to the younger generation as prospects for a stable well paid employment decrease. Young citizens of many western nations face a future that will be harsher than the lives enjoyed by their parents.

Where will this trend lead? I don’t presume to know. I do expect the year 2015 to be filled with large-scale protests and chaos. Large numbers of dissatisfied youth around the world, communicating and organizing by using social media, pretty much guarantees a volatile 2015.

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