World Crisis

2015. A Year of Increased Global Turmoil?

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the nature of world events in 2015? The Bloomberg News Service has given both optimists and pessimists plenty to think about in its guide to possible world hotspots in 2015.

World Crisis
World Crisis

Are we about to enter one of histories black holes? The common view, at least for Americans, is that any difficulties will be of short duration and living standards will continue to gradually improve. Overall, things will just get better and better.

However, this view flies in the face of history, which measures human progress as a series of two steps forward and one or more steps back. Consider the dark ages in Europe which lasted for hundreds of years. Or consider the present war in Syria, which has reduced towns which survived for thousands of years to rubble and destroyed the comfortable lives of millions of Syrians.

Human strife has often made the world an unstable place. The year 2015 may bring instability to a fever pitch.

The Long Crisis appears to be entering a critical stage.

A Pessimist’s Guide to the World in 2015

By Bloomberg News

Skirmishes in the South China Sea lead to full-scale naval confrontation. Israel bombs Iran, setting off an escalation of violence across the Middle East. Nigeria crumbles as oil prices fall and radicals gain strength. Bloomberg News asked foreign policy analysts, military experts, economists and investors to identify the possible worst-case scenarios, based on current global conflicts, that concern them most heading into 2015.

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